Why Physicians Appreciate Us

Writing a script for QCC case management services will provide these benefits:

We keep the rehabilitation process moving forward At QCC we are attuned to the patient’s concerns, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment recommendations. We are knowledgeable of treatment modalities and providers within the TBI community, and we work collaboratively and effectively with all members of the treatment team.

We make the office visit more efficient. Because we meet with the patient before each office visit to discuss his symptoms and needs we can provide a succinct overview during the visit.

We help facilitate recommendations. As TBI specialists we understand that there is a great range of treatments needed by TBI patients. Because we are in regular communication with insurance companies we can provide explanations for treatment.

We reduce the number of no-shows and cancellations. Our experienced staff understands the symptoms of TBI to include difficulty with initiation, motivation, and follow-through. We closely monitor our clients and provide an appropriate level of prompting to assure attendance at scheduled office visits.

Our mental health case managers are uniquely qualified to understand the interplay of dynamics between the physiological and psychological aspects of pain and brain injury. Because of this we are able to:

  • Appropriately monitor the patient’s needs
  • Provide timely updates on any significant developments
  • Manage psychological crisis and assess crisis potential


We keep you informed. We provide a monthly summary of care. We also keep you apprised of any new test results and lab work, and provide an up-to-date list of medications.

We request an open claim letter regarding benefits from the patient’s insurance provider prior to starting any case.

We reduce patient phone calls to you and your office. It’s not easy for a TBI patient to remember what is said in an office visit. Because we accompany the patient to each medical visit we are available to answer questions and repeat information you provided during the visit.