Why Insurance Providers Appreciate Us

We help build goodwill with subscribers. Because our conversations with you are clear and timely you are able to process claims more efficiently, earning and sustaining the appreciation of your customers.

We keep the claim moving forward. All our case managers are well-versed in the Michigan Auto No Fault Law. We staff only highly qualified licensed professionals. This includes our administrative staff. Our experience allows for timely referrals and follow-through of recommendations.

We are cost-effective, reason #1: We can identify pre-existing vs. MVA – related conditions so that you pay only for what you are responsible for.

We are cost-effective, reason #2: We can spot duplication of services in subscribers’ treatment and eliminate these.

We fully comply with the Case Management Society of America guidelines to assure professional and ethical service.

We are thorough and have done our due diligence before we talk to you.

We save you time by providing clear, accurate, and timely descriptions of subscribers’ conditions and progress, saving you time in obtaining required information.

Insurers, please refer your subscribers to Quality Care Consulting