An Overview

We call the service we provide “case management” because we look at every aspect of your care to make sure you have what you need to become as independent as possible. What do we manage? We work with everyone on your treatment team to create a common understanding of your needs. Based on our in-depth knowledge of TBI and what it takes to achieve maximum recovery we may lobby for additional treatments or services for you. And we communicate regularly with your auto insurer to keep them informed of your progress to make sure you receive your benefits. Most importantly, you’re in control. We’ll give you information, explain your options, and provide advice – but you and your family are the ones who choose what aspects of your treatment you want to pursue.

The Process

Step 1 – the first meeting

A QCC case manager will meet with you and your family – at the hospital, at home, at our office, or at a medical appointment – wherever it’s most appropriate. We’ll do an initial interview to determine your needs. The case manager you meet with in this first meeting will be your case manager, so you can be assured that you’ll always be working with the same person. And we’ll be listening to you at every step of the process.

Step 2 – in depth assessment

We’ll do an in-depth assessment of your needs and, with input of our entire team of QCC professionals, your case manager will develop a treatment plan and make sure that all the services you need are included. Then we’ll explain the plan to you in detail and answer all your questions about it.

Step 3 – before your next medical appointment

Your case manager will meet with you before your next appointment with your physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor. You and your QCC case manager will talk about your current needs and symptoms. We’ll do this before every one of your medical appointments that relate to your auto accident.

Step 4 – at your medical appointments

Your case manager will go with you to this appointment and to every doctor’s appointment that relates to your motor vehicle accident. You can think of us as a kind of “safety net” at your appointment. You’re the one in control in the conversation with your doctor, but since we’ll have the list of needs you shared with us in step 3 we can make sure that nothing gets missed. And we’ll also take notes at the appointment, so if you have questions afterwards about what the doctor has said we’ll be happy to talk with you for as long as you need.

Step 5 – in between appointments

We look at the whole picture of your treatment. Your case manager will make sure that all the members of your treatment team know what the other members are doing. He/she will also schedule other services you may need, such as transportation. And, don’t forget, we’ll be having regular conversations with your auto insurer so that you continue to receive your benefits.